Vertical Video Goes Pro!

When most videographers think of Vertical Video, an image comes to mind of a clueless human with their phone (or worse — iPad) turned the wrong way, shooting video our eyes have no capacity to interpret. (Side note: our cone of vision is much, much bigger than your phone’s screen. The “my eyes are side-by-side argument? Doesn’t work here.)

Think about it though: Could you imagine the Mona Lisa framed as a Landscape composition?

Vervid Mona Lisa Vertical Video Portrait

Here’s something refreshing: There are a handful of professional videographers that are taking the format seriously, and it’s happening on Vervid.

These new-format creators are experimenting with Vertical Video, creating compositions that make sense for screens that are held upright 94% of the time. And the compositions are gorgeous.

When shooting in vertical, creators need to consider the way an image moves across the screen — where it enters, where it exits, and what subjects make the most sense in this orientation.

Check out some of the amazing work below, and tell us whether you still think video should be forever restricted to landscape mode.


“The Coffee Maker” by @borja


“Alyssa” by @lukaschmiell


“Highway 1” by @verly


“Todas Las Estrellas Están Muertas”


“A Day at Coolhouse” by @blake


“Born Hater” by @EpikHigh


“San Francisco” by @verly