Vertical Video is Exploding

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to those with their fingers on the pulse.

vertical video meerkat vervid

According to Owen Williams’s article on TheNextWeb, “YouTube reports that over half of its visitors are now on a mobile phone. Facebook says that 65 percent of people watching a video are using a mobile device.”

That’s a whole lotta mobile!

In other words, the days of cuddling up with our laptops are dying. We’re mobile-first, and so is our community. (I know, this is a hard pill to swallow for cinematographers and video traditionalists, but times they are a’ changin’!)

Meerkat. PeriscopeSnapchat. Mindie. They all serve up vertical video, but none of them aggregate it or offer robust editing tools. They’re great for what they are, but we need a way to make our vertical videos more immersive, and a place to store and share them once we invest the time to edit them. (Note: the place to store and share them must be built with vertical video content in mind. And that place is most definitely not YouTube.)


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